The betting odds calculator overview

The betting odds are usually the likelihood of the occurrence of a certain result in an event and this is generally presented in the forms of fractions or decimals or the numbers are also presented with the symbol of plus or minus on the front of the numbers also called money line. Without a good grip on betting odds, it would be quite ridiculous to place bets as it doesn’t quite increase the chances of winning the bets and earning profits. 

The Various Betting Odds And The Calculation

The American Odds

The money line or the American odds is quite popular among the players of the United States. In this odd, the favorites are represented with a minus sign in front of the number, which indicates the amount of money needed to stake to win an amount of $100. If you are betting on the let say A at 140 against B, it means that the other is a slight favorite. 

american odds

The player needs to at least risk $150 to win $100 on A. If the other wins, the player will win the profit of $100 and will get the original amount of $150 back again. The negative odds with the minus sign represents the amount the player needs to put on risk to win $100 and the positive odds with the plus symbol represent the amount that can be won with the risked amount of $100. 

The Decimal Odds

The decimal odds are quite famous in European countries, in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and others. These odds are the ratio of the payout value including the original stake, to the stake itself. The decimal odds can be calculated by multiplying the initial wager with the decimal value. This odd is also famous in the betting exchanges as it is easy to learn and understand and also they reflect the inverse of the probability of any outcome. The decimal odds represent the total amount of money the player wins for every $1 they wager. And instead of the profit, it shows the total return. 

The Fractional Odds

These odds are quite popular and used in countries like Britain and Ireland. The Irish and British bookmakers highly favor this odd which makes it the most popular betting odd worldwide. The odds are presented with a hyphen or slash in between the numbers, like 4/1, and is announced as four-to-one. The British odd represents the net total of the profit to be paid out to the bettor, relative to the stake. The numerators and denominators of the betting odds are always given in integers. To calculate the amount of profit on British odds, the numerator should be multiplied with the bet and then the result should be divided by the denominator. 

The proper knowledge of odds and the betting odds calculator of odds can be used while placing bets and winning the profits from those bets. The players may take a certain amount of time to understand the calculation, but with the course of time and practice, the calculator becomes well acquainted with the players.